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Partnership and Endorsement Form

A. Description of Proposing Organization

Name of Organization:  
Purpose of Organization:  
Years in Existence (Number Only):
Contact Name:  
Mailing Address:  
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Website Address:  
Services Provided:  
Project/Event information including the date and description of the event, event budget, target audience and any beneficiaries (if applicable):  
Member/Beneficiary/Customer Profiles Physical Address, Phone, Fax, Email:  
Notable Accomplishments:  
Legal Status (i.e. nonprofit, LLP, LLC):  
Communications and Marketing Plan of proposed partnership:  
List of other confirmed and projected sponsors or business partners:  

B. Decision Making Authority

Who is authorized to negotiate on behalf of the organization?:  
Who or what group is the final decision maker?:  
What is your organization’s timeframe for decision making? Are there any external deadlines that the NFLPA should be aware of?:  

C. Summary of Proposal

What is being proposed in terms of capital development, and program needs?:  
Benefits to the Applicant: Why is your organization interested in partnering with the NFLPA? Please individually list and discuss the benefits (monetary and nonmonetary) for your organization.:  
Benefits to the NFLPA: Please individually list and discuss the benefits (monetary and non‐monetary) for the NFLPA.:  
Please include what your organization proposes to provide and what is requested of the NFLPA.:  
Please include initial plans for your concept, operations, projected costs and revenues, staffing, and/or any scheduling or maintenance needs, etc.:  

D. Guiding Questions

How is the organization meeting the needs of the community?:  
Why do you think your project will align with NFLPA goals?:  
Who will be the target audience? What is the projected number and profile of participants and/or beneficiaries who will be served?:  
What alternatives currently exist to serve the target audience identified in this project?:  
How much of the existing need is now being met? What is the availability of similar programs elsewhere in the community?:  
Do the programs provide opportunities for current or former players?:  

E. Finances

Will your organization offer programs at reasonable and competitive costs for participants?:  
What are the anticipated prices for participants?:  
What are your expectations regarding support from the NFLPA?:  
Are you willing to pay for player travel and/or appearances?:  

F. Logistics

What is your proposed timeline?:  
What are your initial staffing projections?:  
Are there any mutually‐beneficial cooperative marketing benefits?:  
What types of insurance will be needed and who will be responsible for acquiring and paying premiums on the policies?:  
What is your organization's experience in providing this type of facility/program?:  

G. Agreements and Evaluation

How can you assure the NFLPA of long‐term stability of your organization?:  
What types and length of agreements are needed for this project?:  

Upon receipt of your application, you might be required to provide the following information if applicable:

  • Organization Bylaws
  • Brochure or other promotional materials
  • Proof of federal tax exemption