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{ NFLPA reaches out to the community of New Orleans during Super Bowl Week with two One Team One Community events }
Author: Via Zach Younker/ProPlayerInsiders.com Posted: 1/31/2013

The NFL Player’s Association hosted a pair of events dedicated to helping the New Orleans community. Former and Active NFL players teamed up with dozens of local volunteers and corporations with hopes of benefitting those in-need.
Just feet from Xavier (LA) University Arena on campus, NFL Players, volunteer from Frito-Lay, and the NFLPA were on-hand to deliver much-needed care packages consisting of food and household supplies for members of the community. Volunteers and athletes alike were in high spirits and really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Former Packers/Saints CB Mike McKenzie was actually competing with the other athletes like Saints Running Back Darren Sproles for the title of “hardest worker.” McKenzie even found time in the middle of his interview to help out a member of the community. The former NFL player not only provides assistance to those in New Orleans, but he also established a non-profit organization called 34 Way Foundation to help underprivileged youth in a different number of areas including Miami, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.

Joe Briggs, who works on behalf on the NFLPA, discussed how both the Feed the Children event as well as Hiring our Heroes is just two of the way in which they are bringing aid to those members of the community who are less fortunate. When the NFLPA is not helping out the older members of the community, they even find time to provide benefits to the younger children in conjunction with the NFL Play 60 Events.

The best thing about all of these charity benefits is that the NFL is so open to give back. “These guys don’t even need a lot of motivation from us, they call us to do it,” Briggs said.
Just steps from the hardworking NFL players and volunteers, Hiring Our Heroes hosted an exclusive employee job fair to provide resources for military personnel and their families that are struggling to find stability in the current economic climate. Just feet from the arena hosting this job fair, NFL Players, volunteer from Frito-Lay, and the NFLPA were on-hand to deliver much-needed care packages consisting of food and household supplies for members of the community.

The NFL Player’s Association and Hiring Our Heroes teamed up to bring veterans and military men and women in the New Orleans area a chance to transition from their years of service into the workforce. Among the many buzzwords floating around the Xavier University arena, one stood paramount above the others, diligence. As members of the military, a strict daily regimen has groomed these fine men and women to become the very best worker that any employer could ask for. It is the mission of Hiring Our Heroes to promote those who have served their country for employment as a result of these acquired skills.

One of the people trying to make that transition a little less stressful is Ross Cohen. Cohen, the Senior Director for Hiring Our Heroes, was on hand to discuss some of the logistics about the event. “This event is not a handout, I strongly recommend employers hire veterans because of their leadership background.”

Perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries of Cohen’s passion to aid his fellow veterans is Army Captain Tanawi. Despite still being an active member of the military, Cpt. Tanawi is able to mingle with the employers making connections for future reference. “It is through events like this that I am truly blessed to see [people] care about veterans and active service members alike.”
Both Feed the Children and Hiring Our Heroes are a testament to show that Americans as a whole have not lost their goodwill or sense of decency. Whether through an appreciation for those who serve in any branch of the U.S. military or those less fortunate, those who took time out of their lives really united into “One Team,” which is the motto of the NFLPA. People coming together to host events like showcases the age old adage that “a little work goes a long way.” It is through the hard work, passion, and generosity that the NFL community, Cohen, and the many other companies on hand provide that ensures these special people can have one less battle to fight in life.

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