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Department Contacts

UpdatedLast Updated: 4/4/2014

Of paramount significance, the Executive Department of the NFL Players Association takes great pride in empowering, protecting and improving the lives of its members – NFL PLAYERS. The NFLPA continues to establish many landmark precedents felt not just in the sports world, but throughout organized labor and corporate America. The late Gene Upshaw, Former Executive Director and Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinee previously led the Union for over 20 years. During Gene’s tenure, the NFLPA experienced unprecedented growth and changed the landscape of professional athletics. Current Executive Director, DeMaurice “De” Smith was elected in March 2009 by the Board of Player Representatives and continues to work diligently to protect and defend the rights of NFL players. Through skilled negotiations with the National Football League, leading to multiple extensions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and though the introduction and implementation of innovative programs geared at enriching the lives of our members, past, present and future, the Executive Department leads this organization.

As we continue to evolve, the Executive Department looks forward to continuing to serve, fight for and protect its membership.

Fax:  202-756-9310
Email:  nflpaexecutivedept@nflplayers.com

DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director
Ira Fishman, Managing Director, COO
Teri Patterson, Deputy Managing Director, Special Counsel
Mark Cobb, Executive Associate


The Benefits Department assists in the negotiation, design and administration of NFL Player Benefits. The mission of the Benefits Department is to empower past, present and future NFL Players with the knowledge of their Benefits in order to make informed life stage decisions.

Fax: 202-756-9312
Email: nflpabenefits@nflplayers.com  

Miki Yaras-Davis, Senior Director
Christophine Smith, Assistant Director
Bethany Marshall, Assistant Director
Adora Williams
, Senior Manager
Brian Francis, Coordinator


The Communications Department manages the relationship between the NFLPA and the media and ensures that the NFLPA receives fair and accurate coverage. An important function of the department is describing and explaining to the media the benefits of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and free agency system for professional football players. The department also works to enhance the positive image of the NFLPA and its players.

Fax: 202-756-9312
Email: carl.francis@nflplayers.com  

George Atallah, Assistant Executive Director, External Affairs
Carl Francis
, Director
Veronica Jenkins, Graphic Designer
Mike Donnelly, Senior Manager
Jilane Rodgers, Communications Associate

Finance and Asset Management

Fax: 202-756-9319
Email: nflpaaccounting@nflplayers.com

Charles Ross, Director
Erin Douglas, Controller
Iva Lamanna, Senior Accounting Manager
Tori Reed, Accounts Payable Manager
Michael Zides, Staff Accountant
Michael Noumbissi, Staff Accountant
Alexis Smith, Junior Accountant

Former Player Services

The Former Players organization is a division of the NFLPA formed in 1984 to provide an active voice for former players of all ages. Membership is open to all players who signed an NFL contract. There are 36 chapters nationwide with organized leadership and regular meetings.

Email: formerplayers@nflplayers.com

Nolan Harrison, Senior Director
Andre Collins, Director
Dee Becker, Assistant Director
Tyrone Allen, Professional Athletes Foundation Manager
Alanna Elie, Programs Coordinator
Matthew Golden, GU-PAT Administrator

Human Resources

Kate Skidmore, Director
Kimberly Murray, Manager

Information Systems

The Information Systems Department oversees an innovative technologically advanced client/server computer system that enables the NFLPA to track, report, and use a myriad of complex data on a daily basis. The Information Systems Department services every department and allows them to be able to adapt to change. It is also responsible for all computer and data processing needs and requirements involving a broad range of activities.

Fax: 202-756-9320
Email: support@nflplayers.com  

Richard Persons, Director
Gustavo Tandeciarz, Assistant Director
John Persons, Manager
James Rouse III, Database Administrator
Ted Foote Jr., Website Administrator
Leah Webb, Junior Graphics Designer
Swetha Pathuri, Junior Database Developer
Ronal Davis, Junior Helpdesk


The Legal Department protects and enforces the rights of NFL players, the NFLPA, and its subsidiaries. On behalf of NFL players, the Legal Department files grievances to enforce provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and NFL Player Contracts. The Legal Department also assists the Executive Department with collective bargaining and oversees all legal matters involving the NFLPA and its marketing and licensing subsidiary, NFL PLAYERS.

Phone:  800-372-2000
Fax:  202-756-9316

Thomas DePaso, General Counsel
Heather McPhee, Associate General Counsel
Ned Ehrlich, Associate General Counsel
Timothy English, Staff Counsel
Todd Flanagan, Staff Counsel
Sean Sansiveri, Staff Counsel
Joe Briggs, Staff Counsel | Public Policy Counsel
Kevin Wallace, Paralegal
Sophie Gage, Paralegal
Mark Buente, Legal Assistant

Player Affairs and Development

Phone: 800-372-2000
Fax: 202-756-9313

Clark Gaines, Assistant Executive Director
Jason Belser, Senior Director
Dana Hammonds, Director
Juné Rogers, Director of Drug Programs and Policies
Tom Carter, Player Advocate
Don Davis, Player Advocate
Lester Archambeau, Player Advocate
Martin Bayless, Player Advocate
Leslie Satchell, Senior Manager
Willis Whalen, Manager
Erin Rynn, Manager
Connor Ford, Coordinator
Cheryl Malik, Coordinator
Kelsey Langlie, Coordinator
Colin McDonnell, Player Knowledge Coordinator

Associated Teams

Player Advocates are the NFLPA's first line of defense in explaining and protecting player rights and benefits. Players should contact their team's Player Advocate:

Lester Archambeau (x125) Martin Bayless (x129)
Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos
Chicago Bears New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys New York Jets
Houston Texans Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers

Tom Carter (x119)

Ernie Conwell (x117)
Baltimore Ravens Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Raiders New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams
Seattle Seahawks Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins  

Don Davis (x116)

Buffalo Bills  
Cleveland Browns  
Detroit Lions  
Kansas City Chiefs  
Miami Dolphins  
New England Patriots  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  
Salary Cap and Agent Administration

Fax: 202-756-9318
Email: NFLPAAgentServices@nflplayers.com

Mark Levin, Director
Athelia Doggette, Assistant Director
Doug Finniff, Manager
Caitlin Reddinger, Coordinator
Jack Lyons, Administrative Assistant

Security and Operations

Fax:  202-756-9310

Tim Christine, Director of Security
Kerry Cosover, Travel Manager
Ryan Kees, Operations Manager
Craig Jones, Lead Building Security Officer
Emma Martinez, Operations Assistant
Alonzo Creighton, Mailroom Clerk
Mike Dews, Mailroom Assistant
Adele Dodson, Receptionist


NFL PLAYERS INC. is the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association. Representing more than 1,800 NFL players, NFL PLAYERS INC. “takes the helmets off” the players and markets them as personalities as well as professional athletes. Through an exclusive sponsorship agreement with the NFL, players are integrated into NFL sponsor activations. NFL PLAYERS INC. activities include retail licensing, corporate partnerships, player marketing, special events, broadcast and publishing. For more information, please visit NFLPLAYERS.COM.

Phone: 1-800-372-5535
Fax: 202-756-9323 

DeMaurice Smith, Chairman
Keith Gordon, President
Ahmad Nassar, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs & General Counsel
Dexter Santos, Vice President, Player Services
Christina Francis, Vice President, Marketing
Scottie Graham, Director of Player Engagement
Gina Scott, Vice President, Partner Services
Steven Scebelo, Vice President, Licensing & Business Development
Karen Austin, Assistant Vice President, Non-Apparel Licensing
Felice Jones, Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Events
Caroline Gotschall, Corporate Counsel
Doug Airel, Senior Manager, Player Services
Muneer Moore, Senior Manager, Player Services
Stephanie Mosley, Senior Manager, Partner Services
Nicole Pozzi, Senior Manager, Multimedia & Interactive Licensing
Shannon Donohue, Senior Manager, Marketing & Events
Ricky Medina, Senior Manager, Business Development
Brian Head, Manager, Player Services
Cassandra Nicaisse, Manager, Partner Services
Amanda Shank, Manager, Player Services
Ansley Brett, Assistant Manager, Marketing & Events
Brian Laudate, Coordinator, Player Services
John Fitzpatrick, Coordinator, Apparel Licensing
Greg Viverito, Coordinator, Business Development
Jenna Nobles, Coordinator, Marketing & Events
Ryan McDonald, Coordinator, Non-Apparel Licensing
Tammie Scott, Coordinator, Partner Services
Ryan Knapp, Assistant, Partner Services
Wesley Nakwaasah, Assistant, Player Services
Sandhya Rajan, Receptionist