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{ Commissioner Claims Player salaries surpass NFL revenue }
Author: NFLPLAYERS.COM Posted: 2/17/2010

Commissioner Goodell recently claimed that player salaries are increasing faster than NFL revenues:  "'That is one of the issues that the owners want to address in the collective bargaining process - the dramatic increase in salaries and the salary cap itself, while revenues are not growing as rapidly,' says Mr Goodell. 'When your costs grow faster than your revenues, ultimately that becomes a difficult problem.'”  That is not correct.       http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8327293.stm


  •  Players get roughly 60 percent of what's defined in the CBA as "Total Revenues" after a number of categories of expense credits.
  •  The salary cap system that has been in place for the past sixteen years has directly linked the amount of the salary cap to a set percentage of NFL owner revenues.  So the current CBA ties the salary cap to revenues – they increase and decrease together.


  •  Players get roughly 50 percent of all NFL revenues.


  • When you look at the actual cash salaries paid to players on a year-by-year basis since 2006, as a percentage of the Total Revenues of NFL owners, that percentage has gone slightly down, not up, but closely in the range of about 58%:    
  • 2006 – 58.4%
  • 2007– 58.0%
  • 2008 – 57.7%
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